“Marla guided me along very easily in setting up several areas of my apartment.  She also was able to take several ‘old’ items (childhood dolls) that I had and, by placing them in certain spots, made them seem almost magical and new again.”

DB, Houston, TX

“If Marla can help me she can help anyone. She is the de-clutter queen. I just wish I would have met her years ago.”

– CC, Houston, TX

“Marla explains the myths of time management while giving the audience the tools they need to be more effective and efficient with their time, life and stuff.”

– LM, Marathon Oil

“Working with Marla was a pleasure and an amazing experience. Marla assisted in keeping me on track and always with a warm and compassionate manner. Marla is an asset to any business and a wonderful person to have on your team for success.”

– KKI, New York, NY

“Marla is clear, concise, professional and compassionate. She is the epitome of partnership and is interested in the growth of my business and myself. I felt confident she could handle any task I presented her with and was always a sounding board when I needed to discuss some challenging issues in my life.”

– K