About Marla

“Three rules of work:
~out of clutter – find simplicity
~from discord – find harmony
~in the middle of difficulty – lies opportunity.”

Physical clutter, mental clutter, paper clutter, confusion, too much to do, not enough time to do it, too much to deal with all at once, yelling at the bath salts to take you away from it all!
Can someone actually help take one from all of the above to family management, productivity, simplicity, getting a plan of action? Yes!
Did you know, the underlying cause of clutter is time management, which slows down productivity? This touches all areas of life, from home to work and all points in between.

Here is what others have had to say about working with Marla Regan who is a Productivity Specialist.

Pam Terry

“Marla was my accountability coach and helped me to get on track and stay on track as I worked on my side business. With regular meetings, Marla helped me to accomplish important tasks that I wouldn’t have gotten done or gotten done on timely basis. She helped me to stay focused and to prioritize my overwhelming task list. I highly recommend working with Marla. She was forgiving when I would slip up and helped me to make course corrections as we went along. It was if I had a friend, coach, and mentor all in one who was celebrating my wins with me and helping me to keep my eyes on what was important to me.”

– Pam Terry

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Marla can speak to your group, in person or virtually

Topics include:
  • Time Habits
  • Myths of Time Management
  • Organize of Agonize
  • Holiday Organizing

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