Time Out!!!

Time Out!!
What does that mean to you?  Am I in trouble?  No.  This ‘time out’ is more of a sports metaphor, let’s huddle up, evaluate our situation and get back in the game with a new plan.
Now is the time (especially if you have children who are going back to school) to get a new plan of action to help everyone be prepared for their day and be out the door on time!
Are you an entrepreneur who is working at the whim of your clients?  Is your calendar in control of your time, or are you in control of your calendar?  Take a minute to think about that one! 
When I organize in a home or office, we create zones for like-things.  Think about your kitchen, there is a specific place for pans, bowls, plates, glasses, silverware, etc.   These are the zones for those items.  You can go into each room of your home and create zones for resting, playing, reading, taking care of business, etc.  Now, let’s take a look at your calendar.

  1. Take a ‘look’ at your body clock.
    1. When are you most successful with people; calls, meetings, etc.?
    2. When are you most successful reading?
    3. When are you most successful creating / writing?
    4. When do you need to be quiet, rest, think and recharge (and for how long)?
  2. Look at your calendar
    1. Block time for meetings, calls, emails (People time)
    2. Block time for writing, projects, reading, etc.
    3. Block time for thinking.
    4. Block time for recharging!
  3. Calendar blocking is a way to say yes to the appropriate action at the appropriate time. It is very important that you make you a priority!
  4. One of my favorite tips is to block time for a project, if you work in an office, block a specific amount of time (possibly 45 minutes) and put a note on your door that says, “In a meeting, I will be available at (TIME).” It is a win-win.  Possibly a win (you) win (the client who’s project is being worked on) and win, the person who needs your attention.          

 Organized Time is turning 20!!  Hard to believe 20 years has passed and so very quickly.    I love what I do and I have met the most interesting people who have become very dear to me.  In light of the celebration, I will be having a few “Zoominars” (video webinar), workshops and a Dutch-treat tea party. 
!!! Please stay tuned for upcoming events!!  I want you to be part of the celebration !!!
Happy Organizing,
Marla Regan CCP, owner of Organized Time is a Productivity Specialist and Certified Family Manager ® Coach specializing in helping clients with their productivity in their home and office. 
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