Are You Ready for Independence From Clutter?

Are you ready for independence from clutter?

I hope your Fourth of July is fun and exciting! I wish I had the luxury of watching fireworks at a distance instead of having it sound like a battle in my neighborhood! Stay cool, stay safe and above all enjoy yourself!
Are you ready to have independence from clutter? A good place to start is with the common areas that seem to collect the stuff when you come into your home. This area collects the mail, bags from the grocery store, sunglasses and keys seem to get lost in this area, as well as receipts, toys from kid’s meals and whatever little object seems to land in this clutter gathering area.
This is a quick and easy place to begin. I know, you look at this area (kitchen counter) with dread and disdain! I get it! I will walk you through it one step at a time!
1. Set a timer for 15 minutes. I think we can get through this or most of it in 15 minutes!
2. Remove all trash (old receipts, broken things, expired coupons, unidentified parts and pieces)
3. Create a pile of things for each member of your family, mail, sunglasses, things that belong to them. (Do not leave this area – do not deliver to their room or desk – stay on task!)
4. What is left? If you still have unidentified items that don’t seem to have a home…why do you have them? If there is a need for these items, put them where they will be used. And TRY to not use your junk drawer!!
On of my favorite organizing technique / product is a plastic, see-through shoe organizer.
I put these pockets to good use. I have one in my kitchen and one in my office upstairs. Both sets have batteries of all sizes and flashlights. My kitchen pockets hold
     > drink koozies
    >  tape
     > tape measure
     > glue
     > small tools
And other small items that would get lost in a ‘junk drawer’.
This is a great place to assign pockets to your family members for their items, such as sunglasses, phone cords and other things that clutter the counter tops in the kitchen.
This pockets system can also be used for toys, cars and dolls in the lower pockets and the upper pockets can be used for things that only parents can reach for their children.
Oh yes, this can also be used for shoes!
Happy Organizing,
Marla Regan CCP, owner of Organized Time is a Productivity Specialist and Certified Family Manager ® Coach specializing in helping clients with their productivity in their home and office.
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