Back on Track

How to get back on track when your normal schedule is interrupted. I was talking with someone about planners (one of my favorite topics), she

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One of my routines on Saturday Morning is to drink my tea and watch and episode of ‘The Pioneer Woman’. ( As I was watching

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Time Out!!!

  Time Out!! What does that mean to you?  Am I in trouble?  No.  This ‘time out’ is more of a sports metaphor, let’s huddle

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buttons in bags
Trash or Treasure?

I have always enjoyed buttons.  It could come from my time spent with my grandmother when I was very young.  She had a tin filled with buttons.  I would run my hands through them.  I was entertained by that tin for hours (probably minutes).  The feel, the sound, the different colored buttons fascinated me.  I’m sure it was a relief to my very patient little grandmother, that I was occupied for at least 10 minutes!
I was reminded with that stroll down memory lane as I went on a quest for safety pins.  I found, in my crystal heart box on my dresser, buttons.  Buttons of every size and color, many still in the little zip bag.  I went on a tangent!  (Ever do that?)  I began to remove the buttons from their baggies and take out the things that didn’t belong in the box.  Things like odd keys, costume jewelry and coins.  I then went to my other stashes of baggied buttons.
Buttons pretty
My “organizing training” kicked in with ‘put like things together and get rid of the things that are no longer needed’.  I ended up with a beautiful display of buttons that give me a warm feeling all over as it does remind me of my dear grandmother, Sito (Grandmother in Arabic).
Do you keep those extra buttons?  If so, where do you keep them?
PS  I never did find the safety pins!