Back to School Prep

Getting organized for back to school
Back to School Prep

Back to School Prep
I interviewed a teacher who truly has a heart for her students.  I asked her what she recommends for parents to do for their children to prepare for back to school.  She said a few things that I totally recommend (true disclosure, this teacher is my daughter!)  She said: 

  • Read to your children consistently
  • Start slowly into a regular bedtime / wakeup time
  • Resume morning and evening routines

                Reading – You read to them and they read to you.
                Review math facts (in the car)
                Review Sight words (in the car)

Keep it light and fun!  (Not kill and drill- her words)
Read things that they want to read (even if it is below their reading level…let them read!!)
Ease them back in….squeeze out every ounce of summer you can!!
If you have ever heard me speak, I talk about having a Family Huddle every week with your family.  If you are not familiar with this concept, I will be happy to send you the information on this communication time with your family.  It is so important for parents to know the schedules their children have, as well as children knowing what their parents have going on.
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