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How to Get Back on Track When Your Normal Schedule is Interrupted

How to get back on track when your normal schedule is interrupted.
I was talking with someone about planners (one of my favorite topics), she said she was faithfully using her planner, but stopped.  I asked her why she stopped, and her answer was, she had gone on vacation and when she got back, the routine of using the planner had been interrupted.  This is typical of many routines we have.  There you are, consistently exercising, eating healthy foods, you name it, and there is an interruption in the work-flow and getting back on track is difficult!
Here are some suggestions for you get back on track

  • Try to do a little of the habit while in interruption mode
  • Leave ‘clues’ for when you return. 
  • Have an accountability buddy to help you get back on track.

When you have an unplanned interruption which really takes you off your normal routine, ASK for help!! 
When there is a planned interruption, such as a vacation, retreat, conference, the clues you leave for you are the next action.  Having a weekend routine of tidying up, laundry, planning for the next week are the next actions taken at a specific time of week.  Make an appointment with you in your calendar with a reminder to help get back in routine.  One of my routines is spending time with my calendar to make sure my paper planner and electronic calendar on in sync.  I like the electronic for the alert capabilities and I like the paper because I can see everything all at once!
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