Are You Prepared?


Are You Prepared?
Once again we find ourselves…school is out and hurricane season is here.
(Here is a re-print from a past article.)
OK, Houston and Louisiana, are you prepared?  Before there is a disturbance in the Gulf, here are few things you can do:

  • Make sure your car is full of gas before going home each evening.
  • Make sure all electrical devices (cell phone, computer, dvd players, etc) are fully charged.
  • Print your Outlook list (if we have no electricity, you will be glad you did!)
  • Have a copy of all Rx you and everyone in your family.
  • Start stocking up on non perishable foods.
  • Water!  Make sure your bathtub will hold water overnight.  If it does not (like mine!) get a rubber stopper that will help keep water in the tub.  This water can be used to flush toilets.
  • Have a grab n go bag with all important insurance papers, passwords for accounts, financial info, and pet info.
  • Cash!  ATM’s do not work when there is no electricity.  Have cash in small bills on hand.
  • Freeze water in milk jugs or 2 liter bottles.  If power is lost, having these large containers of ice will keep your food cold a little longer.  When the water melts, it can be used to flush toilets, take a sponge bath, or refreeze when the power comes back on.  When initially freezing these containers, fill leaving a couple of inches from the top for expansion during the freezing process, leave the cap off.  Replace the cap after the water has frozen.
  • Batteries?  Stock up before the supply is out at the stores!  What do you need?  Check now. Use a permanent marker to write the battery size and amount (3 AA).  Batteries can do corrode, check and remove batteries when the item is not in use for a while.
  • Have a battery powered radio to keep up with what is happening in your area.  When Hurricane Ike landed and Houston was without power, we found an AM station that kept us up to date on stores that were open and had ice, highway closures, etc.,  as well as other information that was helpful for us.
  • Get an LCD lantern to use in place of candles.  They are much safer to use, as well as for children and gives more light.  These lanterns are available in camping area of stores.

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