Are You Ready for Independence From Clutter? Part 3

Are You Ready for Independence from Clutter?   Part 3

Have you ever noticed how clutter loves company!!  One thing on a counter is just one thing, like a set of keys or a pair of sunglasses or an envelope, or one drinking glass.  However, when it is keys, sunglasses, an envelope AND a glass, now its clutter!   In the organizing industry, we call this ‘pockets of clutter’.  Just look around, under sinks, in bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, the floor in closets, behind doors, in an empty chair in the corner, the side table of the couch or the bed…yes, my friend, you have pockets of clutter!   Whatcha gonna do?
Here is an easy system to help empty those ‘pockets of clutter’:

  1. Decide, which ‘pocket’ will make a big difference to you?  That is where you begin.
  2. Go get the laundry basket, this is to put the things that belong in another room (do NOT leave this area…yet!).
  3. Get a trash can or bag.
  4. Throw away whatever is no longer useful to anyone.
  5. Put the items that belong in another area in the laundry basket.
  6. Now organize the items that belong in this area.
  7. What can go in a bin, box, or basket for easy use?
  8. Go put the items that belong in another area away. (And return the laundry basket to the laundry room!)
  9. What reward will you have for finishing this quick and easy job?
  10. Plan your next ‘pocket’ to empty!  How many ‘pockets’ can you empty in one day?

       ~ Rinse and Repeat!
If you need a little help, set a timer for 15 minutes to see how much you can do!  When the ringer sounds, do you need to set it for another 15 or can you continue until you finish the project?

You can do it!

Happy Organizing,
Marla Regan CCP, owner of Organized Time is a Productivity Specialist and Certified Family Manager ® Coach specializing in helping clients with their productivity in their home and office.
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