Are You Ready for Independence From Clutter? (Part 2)

Are You Ready for Independence From Clutter?  (Part 2)

Are you an out of sight/out of mind person? I understand! It happens to all of us. Let’s go into the kitchen for a minute (you can take a mental trip). Are your (clean) plates, glasses and silverware all out on the countertop because of being out of sight? If so, then these items would be out of mind. More than likely, the answer is no! Why is that? Because these items have a specific place and you know the location of that place. One reason countertops, desktops (physical), floors and other flat surfaces have piles on them, is the fear of putting something away and never finding it again. One other reason this may happen is, there is no specific place (a home) to put it!
Here are few helpful tips to help you clear your flat surfaces without fear of losing something.

• Designate a hook (not a basket) for keys (I hang my sunglasses on the key ring) I use Command Hooks ® by 3M to hang my keys.

• Be cautious about using small baskets for miscellaneous objects, it will become a ‘junk’ basket.

• Create a temporary file box with hanging file folders to hold papers that will be needed soon. Use this box on the kitchen counter as part of your Command Center.

• Instead of clipping coupons, check to see if your favorite store has an app for up-to-date sales and coupons. If you do have coupons, use a clear folder, keep it near your keys to take shopping.

• Use baskets or a bin for often used cleaning products under each sink in your home for convenience.

• Use a basket for all of the personal products you use after your shower. My basket (acrylic handled box) comes out in the morning and again at night when I do my morning and evening routines for face, hair and body. My hair brushes, etc. are in a plastic zippered travel bag. I use them daily and easily packed when I travel. The same goes for my makeup.

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Marla Regan CCP, owner of Organized Time is a Productivity Specialist and Certified Family Manager ® Coach specializing in helping clients with their productivity in their home and office.
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